Holidaying with a baby!

Center Parcs

Last week we went on our first holiday as a foursome to Elveden Center Parcs. We had a lovely week just the four of us, even if my boy was poorly at the beginning th Scarlett Fever. We went for Jenson’s 4th birthday, something I am struggling to comprehend – four!! 
It was a lovely week, albeit expensive! We had vouchers to spend so had a lovely time doing lots of activities as a family;
  • Tennis
  • Bowling
  • Pottery 
  • Mini golf 
  • Rollertots
  • Mini jet-skis


And of course, swimming! Scott taught Jenson to swim, a proud moment for both us as parents and for Jenson, Scott’s go-pro played a large part in it too as Jenson had such fun. 
We treated ourselves with lovely food, eating out at the lovely restaurants, of course we needed to go to the Pancake House on Shrove Tuesday and we also ate at Hucks and Cafè Rouge – a personal favourite of mine. 
I loved having Scott off, Emie really got to spend some time with Daddy since his paternity leave too, she settles so well with him now. We had lovely quality time with board games and stories and lovely long walks, it really was the perfect first holiday. We had everything we needed there, we also didn’t forget anything other than my feeding pillow and Scott forgot my birthday bits from everyone else. 
The car, naturally, was packed within an inch of its life. How we even managed to fit in is beyond me… Yet I still expected Scott to be able to pack my soup maker as well as many other ‘necessities’ in my opinion (bikes, endless coats, Moses basket etc)!!! 
It was a really successful week, I loved every minute, so grateful for us to spend time together as a family, Jenson and Emeline loved having their Daddy as much as I did. The facilities made it a dream with lots of things to keep us busy but the time we had together was invaluable, a firm fond favourite and excellent first holiday! 

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