Cloth bum!

Today, Emeline hit the two month mark. It has flown by and I really feel like I’ve still got a newborn, I am desperate for her to stay little. We marked the occasion by finally starting her in cloth. I’ve had the lot since way before she was born and collected some final bits at the Baby Show on Friday.

2 months today! 

Bambino Mio and Tots Bots are my all time favourites from Jenson. He had little legs so whilst he was little he had a few leaks, Emie has chunkier thighs – sorry girly! We always used all-in-ones with Jenson, and will mostly use these with Emie although I have some Bamboozles and Peenut covers for Emie for longer lasting nappies.

My favourite print was the Ladybird from Bambino Mio which I picked up from Aldi during their baby event – such a good deal at £7.99, nearly half the price. I got the remaining 5 and it was 9.30am on the opening day! Emie started her cloth journey in this, then the Panda print – so far so good, no leaks and she is comfortable yet fashionable! We went for Tots Bots after lunch, a bright red one, again, so far so good! It makes life so much easier.

I love the colours and patterns of the nappies so I’ve been reluctant to start as I didn’t want the beautiful nappies ruined with poo… Now I’ve seen Emeline’s cute bottom in them though, there is no going back, let alone the money we will save! We had a successful day, even Daddy is back on board!


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