Bump watch

Last Wednesday, 17th February 2015, my wonderful best friend was due her first baby. My excitement is out of control to be perfectly honest!

We met 11 years ago at college, where apparently Abbi didn’t even like me to begin with! I moved up the road from her and our daily walks and more often than not, drives to college meant we built such a lovely friendship. She is my longest, most loyal and bestest friend. I’d trust her with anything and know I can always talk to her.

We have had such fun over the years, so many nights out, boyfriends, wine, Quinn (I think those were the drinks), weekends away, engagements, hen parties and weddings and finally our babies. We have laughed and laughed and also cried over the years, we have never had a falling out and I’d be so upset if we ever did.

Abbi is Jenson’s Godmother and will also be Emie’s, she is fantastic with Jense and he adores her, exactly like Emie does and will.

I was desperate for Abbi to have a baby, and I know she felt similar, I cried happy tears when she told me. Sharing my maternity leave with her is pretty special but our children growing up together is even better! Her due date has come around pretty quickly, and she is now overdue.

Every minute of everyday I am excited waiting for the message, we’ve been making arrangements and have changed them due to pregnancy struggles which have all been the lead up. Like me, Abbi has also done hypnobirthing and she is very positive, regardless of being overdue. I know exactly how she is feeling and it’s so hard not to get over excited because you never know when it’ll be.

Tomorrow, I am taking her for lunch, I wanted to take her somewhere nice for lunch but she wants to stay closer to home, soon enough we will be out wining and dining though once babies are here and settled!


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