Parents Vs Non-Parents

There are two types of people in the world… Parents and non-parents. I’ve never really seen it before or experienced it but more and more things pop to my mind.

For example, weddings… Every person is utterly entitled to their own wedding plan. We had children at ours but equally I understand why people don’t want children, more often than not we have sent Jenson off packing so we can have wine and beer in the evening. However, at this point, I have a young baby, a baby who is exclusively breastfed so therefore actually needs me to feed her. A wedding where she is not invited means a lot of preparation with trying to get her to latch on to a bottle which is currently unsuccessful but also it will be the first time we leave her so it needs to be someone we trust and someone she trusts. It is so incredibly hard. With this situation there is no negotiation either, people are, rightly so, protective of their weddings but generally they are also not parents so they have absolutely no idea of the pulled heartstrings and the military operation! I will be so, so sad if I can’t attend my friends wedding but likewise, my daughter will need feeding and she will always be my priority.

There was also a situation last year where someone left their baby for the first time and the comment ‘I didn’t want them to ruin the night because they were leaving their baby’! It is so unbelievably tough leaving your child and only a non-parent would have that shoddy attitude, no one would every try to ruin an evening but actually the need to be with your baby is huge!

I am engrossed in every mini movement my child makes, every word they say and every new skill they learn. 99.9% of my day involves caring for them, feeding them, talking to them and watching them. I talk about them all day, everyday. I bore people senseless and I can only apologise for that. The love for a child is quit surreal, unbelievably strong and overwhelming, as a parent I am obsessed, totally obsessed, they’re my world 50,000 times over and I can’t understand why no one else feels that way about my child!

The tough part with non-parents is that sometimes people haven’t got children because they don’t want them, they aren’t ready for them, they are trying for children, they can’t have children or they’ve suffered loss. Every single one of those situations have their own demons so it must be remembered not to throw stones in glass houses and remember that everyone is different and has their own circumstances, to be patient as a parent to their non-parent attitude and wait until they catch the parent train.


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