Babywearing is my new favourite thing! I had a Babasling with Jenson and really didn’t get on with it, Scott enjoyed carrying Jenson in his Bjorn carrier but again, that didn’t suit me.

Snuggled in the Bundlebean

A friend gave me a Moby wrap to try with Emie whilst I was pregnant, many Mums swore by their slings, especially for their second child or more when cooking dinner etc. Dinner time is especially tricky this end as Emeline is really getting ready for bed so she can be a little restless between 4.30 and 6, when Scott gets home she has a new lease of life, a bath and then she is ready to crash. I thought my first try would be around this time and it was a huge success, I used YouTube videos to show me how to wear it, I’ve only ever used one type of hold though. Emeline enjoyed being close to me, snug and that feeling of my heartbeat that skin-to-skin has. She has been worn since she was tiny and it is a life saver.

3 week old Emeline 

I mostly wear Emeline around the house but I have become a lot more confident recently. I have worn her to collect Jenson a few times although she isn’t wrapped up enough, I’d pop a hat on her and wrap her in her snowsuit and then my coat around her. I wore her quite a lot whilst we were away at Center Parcs, I can guarantee she will always go to sleep.

Dropped lunch on Emie’s head

At the baby show, BundleBean were selling baby sling covers, I tried it on and instantly loved it. It kept Emeline covered, safe and warm. I needed to use it almost immediately as she was in the sling when we went for the tube and it kept her warm without her going in the pram. The BundleBean is fleece lined so provides a fleecy layer over the baby and sling, I can wear my coat around without having to do it up but Emie also doesn’t need hers as she has a fleece cover.

I am so mega impressed by this product and can’t recommend it enough. It’s so easy to use and put on yourself. The bottom gathers around the baby’s feed, something that would work better for me is another Velcro strap around the bottom that goes across the bottom of your back as Emeline’s legs are quite long enough to fit in the gathered but I found it flapped around and let in a slight chill even though I pulled it right. Something I could easily make myself though for my needs.


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