Big Red Cross!

Oh my gosh… We have had a sickness bug in our house, I’m not sure where it has came from but it started with my poorly little boy, in all honesty, I also hope that’s where it stays. If I catch it, it’ll be a nightmare with Emeline breastfeeding and looking after Jenson, if Scott catches it, I’m sure to have a nervous breakdown and if Emeline catches it, it can be so dangerous for her.

Mid-morning nap

Jenson has been such a trouper, for 4 years old to know when he is going to be poorly, that’s quite impressive. The first lot did mean I had to strip and wash his bedding, thanks do Miofresh from Bambino Mio, dettol and some Persil Non-Bio the stains came out and everything smelt fresh. The weather was lovely so everything dried outside, duvet included! Throughout the day I have washed blankets and teddies and sterilised beakers, I have bleached toys and door handles and every inch of the bathroom and kitchen! The Windows have been flung over for fresh air, the crisp air blew the cobwebs away that’s for sure!

I rang Mum at half 6 to ask her to come over as Jenson was still being sick and Emeline was feeding, it was slight chaos. Thankfully that was the last time Jenson was poorly and he relaxed on the sofa, he had a long sleep this afternoon and felt so much better after it although I think it’ll take a few days for him to be back to normal. He had Scarlett fever a few weeks ago and hasn’t been the same since. Jenson was most confused about me not feeding him lunch or dinner and kept reminding me! I gave him some chips this evening and he managed two, I also tried the old lemonade trick, Jenson never gets lemonade so he was chuffed to bits. As every child does, he started to push his luck, demanding chocolate and expecting me to rearrange furniture so he had a table next to him. Thankfully he has had a lot of fluid so should be on the mend in no time.

Scott was amazing and slept on Jenson’s floor with him all night to make sure he was okay, he dealt with the sick and rubbed his back and cuddled him. I stayed in with Emie and avoided them as much as I could.

Looking for new toys on

Emeline and Jenson are settling down ready for bed, they’ve been bathed and had stories and Scott and I will not be far behind them. None of us have had dinner so we might have a takeaway although I am worried it might make us unwell.. Fingers crossed we escape it and survive the night!


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