I absolutely love being able to breastfeed and I am fully aware at how lucky I am. Some people chose not to and some people can’t and for the people that can’t, it’s such a sad journey, the disappointment in yourself is evident. It breaks my heart.

I managed to feed Jenson, for a year, I stopped after he bit me and it bled! It wasn’t without its troubles though, Jenson was slow at putting on weight and every midwife and health visitor went on and on about topping him up with formula – which we did once. Jenson had a rough start with feeding, as a new Mum we totally missed that first feed as I had no idea what to do because the midwives were required else where so we were left, he had his first feed 14 hours after he was born, he fed on and off that day but it was anything substantial as he was learning. The next day we were admitted to Broomfield as he wasn’t feeding and was yellow because he was jaundice. As soon as we got there a midwife gave him formula because he needed something. We had a feeding plan of every two hours and thankfully he started to get better. The weight battle was constant though, he always put on weight along his 9th centile line but health visitors wanted more but I persevered and fed on demands whilst eating endless porridge, flapjack, fudge cake and drinking fennel tea. My boobs were huge!!!

First attempt!

This time round, it’s been so much easier. I think half the battle last time was my lack of experience and not having enough support. Emeline is also incredibly straight forward, she loves a good feed and is piling the pounds and ounces on. We also used 121 midwives rather than the standard NHS and they provide 6 weeks postnatal care which was outstanding, had I had this with Jenson I would have been so much more confident.

So far, both children have struggled to take a bottle, Jenson was the biggest battle and Emeline doesn’t want to suckle, the madam will not even take a dummy. I am pumping like Daisy the cow for stocking the freezer up. I was so lucky and my work bought me a Medela pump – I absolutely love it. It’s so efficient and doesn’t hurt at all, I chose the double pump and I can get over 100ml off each breast in about 10 minutes – if that. Jenson thought I’d have to go to our local farm for milk production so my pump was alien to him! Now though, he loves holding the control and pressing the buttons.

First pump! 
Most recent pump!

I’ve always tracked their breastfeeding using an app, I like to know how long since her last feed and how long she feeds for. Emeline and Jenson were always efficient feeders, 10-15 minutes. Medela have released a new app for tracking, I’ve had trouble logging in but their tech team have been amazing at trying to help me and I even had a personal call.


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