Good morning!!

My favourite family moment is definitely the morning! I love us all bundling in to bed at the weekend for cuddles and more often than not tea and biscuits. Everyone loves their bed but it is my favourite part of the day, us all waking up together especially when we don’t have to rush out.

December 22nd! Our first morning cuddle as a four! 

Jenson has grown a fan of tea and biscuits in bed too, we all snuggle in and watch TV. Everyone is smiley, especially Emeline, she loves the morning! Our bed is the known place for cuddles, sometimes we have stories in here so we can all cuddle and even the other day when Jenson was poorly we ended up in here for him to have a nap. Recently. We had family photos taken for Emeline and our bed was the main point, all snuggled up with lots of giggles, courtesy of Charlotte st Three Flowers Photography – she is amazing. (

Emeline beams in the morning, she is so chirpy and chatty, smiley and happy. Jenson is so happy to see her and smothers her in kisses whilst insisting to cuddle her. It is beautiful to watch. Watching the relationship between your children grow is the most amazing thing in the world, so special.

Here is to a wonderful day after our snuggles and smiles this morning!


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