Maternity leave = dream wife!!

Over the Summer holidays last year, Scott got a real taste of the dream wife, mostly! I was sick quite a bit so dinner was hard work but generally Scott had a cooked dinner when he got in, his lunches done and a spotless house due to my nesting. This mostly continued when I went back to work, when my maternity leave started my amazing wife duties resumed!

Sofa snuggles 

Then our beautiful little star arrived! The house remained tidy whilst Scott was on paternity leave, he cooked and fed me so well. He looked after us all! Now, 2 months on, my wife duties are seriously slacking! Dinner is always prepared and generally tasty, it has to be with Jenson, he needs his dinner!

I have tried but failed to do Scott’s lunches, I use to make them after washing up or before breakfast but now I am feeding Emeline for bed or getting ready for the school run. It makes me feel bad as unless I make Scott’s lunches, he doesn’t take anything which is of course his fault not mine, he is an adult, he can make a sandwich!

Our house… It is always clean, I clean the kitchen and bathroom daily, wipe it down and hoover and mop the floor every other day. Everywhere else is hoovered and dusted when needed. However, there is stuff everywhere! I constantly do the washing so there may be clothes in a basket or drying or the airer – putting clothes away is my least favourite thing. The house is a constant mess with Jenson’s toys and keeping on top of things, things don’t get put away properly as the cleaning and other bits take priority and I don’t even care!! I spend the mornings snuggling my baby whilst Jenson is at school, I should tidy but I don’t want to. Time is going so fast and I don’t want to miss a moment with Emie.

I am so fortunate they even though I am ‘at home’ all day with the children, Scott is happy to help clean and tidy, he knows that when I can, the house is looked after and dinner is made. I feel so lucky that Scott will help in the evenings and weekends and let’s me spend my time with my children, wife duties will resume in time but for now, I love being a lazy mummy who drinks tea and cuddles my baby or dunks biscuits whilst playing cars with my boy!

So here is a thank you to my gorgeous husband and a shout out for the men who are team players and let their ladies enjoy maternity leave and their children! Someone sent me this and it is so true…

“Cleaning and scrubbing can wait til tomorrow,
‘Cos babies grow up we’ve learned to our sorrow,
So quieten down cobwebs, dust go to sleep,
I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep”


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