Sponsored by Benefit!

Ever since Emeline was born, people have been telling me how amazing I looked, even the day I had her and our first photos. I had a lovely homebirth which was meant I felt relaxed and healthy after having her, Emeline also slept amazing for a new baby which meant I caught up and had plenty of rest when needed.

I have always been one to make an effort with myself, or at least try. I wear make up everyday, especially mascara. If I go ‘out out’ then I always wear my full face. Last Christmas, I arranged a makeover with Benefit in Boots and I immediately fell in love. I purchased a primer, liquid foundation, pressed powder, lipgloss, blusher, mascara and eyeliner. I love each and every product and throughout the year through samples and presents I have fallen in love with more of their products.

I love their products and they never dry my skin out, my everyday make up consists of the a skin wash using their foaming cleanser and polished scrub, I them use the benefit moisturiser and eye cream.

Most days I use the ‘Puff off’ around my eyes and ‘Porefessional’ before using my ‘You’re Flawless’ powder, I use the liquid on big make up days! ‘fake away’ conceals the bags under my eyes that Coke with two children  and age, followed by ‘Rockateur’ blusher, ‘High Beam’ to brighten my face and ‘Benetint’ on my lips. I then choose between my green, blue or black ‘they’re real – push up liner’ – the easiest way to put eye liner on ever and the colour lasts all day and finish with my ‘Rollerlash’ mascara. I always feel happy with my make up, sometimes it doesn’t always last all day but generally it holds itself really well.



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