Toddler Trauma!

Toddlers suffer the worse in the world, life can be such a trauma for them. Whether it is a tantrum, wanting something, not wanting something. It can be a manner of things.

Jenson’s latest trauma, well since I started maternity leave, was being without me. As my due date approached, Jenson was becoming more and more anxious and apprehensive. He wanted to know when the baby was going to arrive and if it was going to hurt me. Explaining that the baby would be born as home didn’t help and he began to become really distressed when leaving us, especially me. At nursery, he would cry and would need to be peeled off me, this was really tough especially being heavily pregnant. Then he started to get upset about being left with Grandparents too and wasn’t even happy about doing fun Christmas activities. He was unsettled, my poor poppet.

Emeline arrived and he was obsessed with her. On the day she was born, he happily went to my parents as Scott and I acted like it was a work day – a familiar routine for him. He had a wonderful day with my parents and even went out for lunch with them and my sister. Scott collected him in the evening and the first thing he asked Scott was
“has Mummy had our baby?”. Jenson wanted us all to be together, he is so family orientated, it is lovely. This was perfect for Scott’s paternity leave and we spent all the time together, then it was time to return to nursery after Christmas.

Jenson was settled again but he started to ‘fake cry’. There was not any tears but there was a sad face and a little noise, the people behind me got smiles though – little bugger!!! He had to peeled off me by Auntie Terri who he absolutely loves, and would settle almost immediately inside. I am not sure if the purpose was to upset me, cause attention or just be a pest.

We are now in March and this has continued every single day! We have tried so many techniques, rewards and treats. However, yesterday, I bribed Jenson! I took his toys away and said that if he was brave he could have them back as he wasn’t acting like a 4 year old anymore!… He walked in happily holding my hand! So… More bribing is on it’s way! The goodness continued in to the afternoon, I needed to leave Jenson and Emeline to have my crown fitted. He was so happy to stay with my Mum and took responsibility for looking after Emie whilst they were there!

I absolutely love how children find their own little personalities and come in to themselves but I hope this trauma is ending and we can move on to the next toddler trauma and all the surrounding drama that comes with it!


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