Night feeds

I cope relatively well without sleep, Jenson was never a good sleeper and still wakes up more often than not once a night, mostly to check we are there and to call us in for a cuddle these days which is better than the attempt to get in to our bed.

Emeline on the other hand is a brilliant little sleeper since she was born infact. She is almost 11 weeks and has slept through a few times. Emie is currently in a growth spurt which often comes hand in hand with a sleep regression but mostly she is just hungry and wants more food!

I love the ‘Wonder Weeks’ app for tracking her developmental leaps, seeing where she is and what she it up to. It tells me the new skills she will learn, how they can affect her and what signs to look out for. It always makes me think about planning things around her ‘cloudy’ periods!

So here I am, at 2am feeding my beautiful baby again because she needs me and that’s my job, I love the night feeds because it’s me and her and its peaceful and silent and generally the only time I get just her attention to look at me, she is becoming so nosey now. Love her little milk drunk face as she dozes back off and her sleepy smiles as she dreams. She is only feeding for a maximum of 5 minutes so it’s just a top up but I love it. My beautiful girl!

Good night world!

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