Spending all our money!

I have a serious problem with dressing my children! I choose their outfits everyday and will lay them out for Scott if he is dressing them, if he brings clothes in, I will often tell him the clothes are laying on the bed!

I’ve always loved shopping but since having children, I never shop for me, I love buying the children clothes and love choosing them nice outfits. Next is my absolute favourite place for their clothes, I love John Lewis and Frugi but they’re really quite expensive! I spend ages checking in on the new collection in Next and choosing the children’s next wardrobe and equally, I spent a fortune at their sales. I tend to use their VIP slots rather than going to store these days as it was a lot harder getting up and going when pregnant.

The last two days I’ve spent some money on clothes from Boots Miniclub and then more from Next. Baby clothes are such an amazing gift but I’ve not needed to buy Emeline anything, of course we have but she hasn’t needed it. She is starting to outgrow her 0-3 months clothes too, especially the baby grows with her long little legs.

Everyone has always said about girls clothing but I’ve loved shopping for Jenson and even now, I still love putting his outfits together. Buying for Emeline is a novelty with the girls outfits and being our new baby but I get excited for both.

These are my favourite outfits at the moment!


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