Bath time!

Scott tends to do bath time in the evening as I’m having some ‘me’ time which of course consists of sorting the kitchen after dinner. The odd occasion, I do bath time but after a day at work, Scott like to spend some time with them.

Jenson always loved a bath, he always has been good at bath time and the only struggle is getting him out. Emeline is the same. She loves the warm water and kicking her legs around. The bath seat we have has made such a good bath time atmosphere, it keeps Emeline safe although I always put my hand at the base so she can’t slip down, it holds her above water so I can play with her without holding her in properly, it is from Mothercare and was a gift for Jenson but definitely recommend.

We try to bath the children alone and together, Jenson loves playing with Emeline and giving her splashes, she loves it so much too. Totally relaxes and giggles at him. I love watching them together!


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