Mother’s Day

I really love Mother’s Day, I’ve always made a real effort for my Mum, especially when I was younger so I get so excited. Scott has always been really good at making an effort for Mother’s Day too and I feel so special.

Jenson has been counting down the sleeps until Mother’s Day so I knew he had something special planned… As special as 4 year olds go. He went and chose me some flowers from the florist, picking the ones he wanted all by himself. Of course I had to have them yesterday as apparently he couldn’t hide them as he needed water, he is so caring and thoughtful, he makes me the proudest Mummy. There has also been items coming back and forth from his secret hiding place from Nursery and stuff he has done with Scott. It makes me so excited as I love the little person he is.

It’s my first Mother’s Day with Emeline too so I am excited for that. I got a lovely Pandora charm on Jenson’s first Mother’s Day and I got the same from Emie, a beautiful bear with a pink bow. Jenson got me my zoo pass to take him to the zoo as well. My cards were lovely and as usual Jenson’s handwriting amazes me, he tried so hard and put so much effort in.

My day started with tea in bed and then bacon and egg sandwiches which were amazing. We got up, dropped presents off at our mum’s and then went to Bluewater. The plan was London but Jenson still seems so run down so we thought we would have a calmer day.

We got there with the intention of Waggamamas, my absolute favourite but it was being refurbished! I managed to act like a grown up and go somewhere else for dinner, Gourmet Burger Kitchen! It was delish and I have a new love for monkey nuts, Jenson kindly took the shell off them for me. I bought some new make up and Boots were doing a lovely Mother’s Day special of a make up gift bag from Benefit so I was really happy, lots of lovely treats for me and my make up.

We got a nice boost too to keep us going for the remainder of the walk around. We used John Lewis to feed and change Emeline – they’ve got a brilliant area for families. Feeding and changing and larger toilets for family toileting!

My day has ended with cuddles with my two and a story in bed, Emeline giggling her head off at Jenson. They’re now tucked up in bed and Scott and I will have pizza, mug cake and Ben and Jerry’s! Another wonderful day thanks to my little family!


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