Home is where the heart is!

I absolutely love being at home, just me and my family and Jenson feels the same. He will often choose a day at home over anything else. I love being able to relax and just be us. The best bit is just having our own time to plan, eat, laze about and sometimes, clean!

Taking Jenson to his afternoon school sessions are my favourite because we have a lazy morning at home and then I can have the afternoon to sort the house out. I always seem to get so much more done in the afternoon session, I think it’s because it’s calmer. The morning tends to be such a rush that I just need to rest by the time we get back and have a cup of tea!

I love our family traditions we have at home. Tea and biscuits in bed, Sunday roasts and our film nights, love that Emeline will be joining in on them too. I love our stories in our bed too, so Emeline gets a story now there isn’t as much room in Jenson’s bed. I really miss putting him to bed now Emeline needs her night feed then too.

Our house is just lovely and Scott is trying so hard to get it where it needs to be. He absolutely loves our garden and he has made massive improvements, especially for Emeline’s christening. I love being home just us four, it’s so personal to us, we have photos everywhere of our family memories, it’s mostly a mess and full of clutter where we never get time to sort it out as we go to bed or go out instead!! I love that our friends don’t judge us, they know it’s clean and take the chaos as it comes. A few times comments have been made about it by someone and it really offends us, it’s our house and we like it… Don’t come if you don’t!!!

Work in progress 

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