Sensitive skin

Our little flower has the most sensitive skin, I think I half predicted this to happen. As she was slightly overdue, she had dry skin and we used grapeseed oil as advised by the midwife – this was brilliant and really helped her skin.

Using cloth nappies and reusable wipes have helped her little bottom but on days out we tend to use disposable, this means she gets sore eczema patches on her girly parts. It isn’t red like nappy rash but more dry and sore. It clears up quickly and we use Waitrose Bottom Butter on her bottom – this always clears it up. She also baths in the Waitrose Pure range. It literally is pure and doesn’t cause any flare ups.

Emeline’s face is probably the most sensitive, we use Diprobase which our midwife suggested and it keeps her face calm and soft. If I forget to put some on, she will often come up with little dry spots. We tried the ointment but it made her face greasy. As most baby’s have, Emeline has had cradle cap. Again, this calms down when her skins is moisturised, we will wash her hair a few times a week using the Waitrose Pure Baby Shampoo. My mum advised to put Vaseline and brush backwards and that has also calmed down. I have to put Vaseline on her dry patches on her scalp too, I really hope it’s temporary and she doesn’t get it worse as she gets older. I have a terrible dry scalp, it was even worse in pregnancy and I used scalp oil to ease it.

Luckily, it doesn’t give her too much bother, let’s hope it stays that way!


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