Going anywhere with young children is a military operation, going away is utter carnage and when I finally get in that car I always wonder if it actually worth it!

Emeline is breasted so luckily we don’t need 50,000 bottles and sterilising equipment. However, even for two nights, I’ve packed her monitor and sensor mat, numerous blankets, sleep suits and vests and all kinds of different outfits weather dependant. Jenson has similar, a few top choices, jumpers, socks, pants whereas I have the bare essentials! We are staying with friends so if Emeline is sick on me, I can chuck it in with their washing.

Scott is staying at home so I have to job of packing the car, that’s usually a blue job. I am quite impressed with my packing though, there is even room by the children’s feet! Jenson tried to help me this morning, that wasn’t successful and I figured I would wait until he went to school. He started to get moody about the toys he would be taking which naturally meant, he wasn’t in the right frame of mind to leave for nursery which of course meant he decided he would be going as batman! A battle I wasn’t prepared to have…

I have finally sat down, I am feeding Emeline and I keep thinking of other things I need to take. I feel quite apprehensive about the journey, Emeline doesn’t like being stationery so I hope the m25 is on our side. As long as we are moving, she is good as gold. I’ve downloaded some films on my iPad for Jenson and he has his picnic. Fingers crossed the journey is good to us! I am so excited about going to our friends, they’re so lovely and totally spoil me. We have such a good time, I love them so much and love our time together. They’re Jenson’s Godparents and I am going to ask them to be Emeline’s too. The perfect role models for my children!


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