A day at the farm!

Today we went to visit Roves Farm in Swindon – a lovely little family run farm.

We got there in time for lunch and had a delicious lunch in the tearoom – the food was so reasonable and delicious, it was full of picnic tables so we bought our lunch there and the children had a picnic! The coffee and cake was delicious too.

Indoors, there is a huge play area which has been totally handcrafted – some serious talent. There was an indoor sandpit, ball pool, climbing wall, big slide, a rabbit warren with tunnels (huge hit), bouncy castle, ride of tractors and a play area for the younger children. This was all in close range of the restaurant so you can keep your eyes and ears out for your little ones. Jenson was in his absolute element. The facilities were clean and it was so reasonable at £9 per person.

The day had a timetable, there was ‘toddler time’ at 1pm which had bubbles, songs and a story. You could feed and pet the animals at 1.30pm, Jenson bottle fed a baby goat, milked a pretend cow, stroked rabbits and Guinea pigs and fed adult goats. We could then look around the animals included piglets as young as 4 days old – I did pity the Mummy pig and her poor nipples with all those piglets. Afterwards, there was a tractor ride. This lasted about 25 minutes, I chickened out because Emeline needed a feed and they make me really rough with motion sickness.

The outside area was lovely, it had two large parks which were hand built again, Jenson was in his absolute element. There was also a large den building area which had an acre of willow trees which could be bent along with sticks to build a den, such a nice touch! There was also a bug hotel and some exploration areas. In the holidays there are other activities like animal racing, walks around the farm and the longer day.

It has just been lovely, so nice to give money to a worthy, small family run farm. The staff were all friendly and went over and above for the children, definitely recommend for a lovely day out if you are in the area!


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