Our first sleepover

As we are staying with friends this weekend, we are all in one room. We usually are and Jenson is a good as gold but now we have Emeline in the mix too. Luckily, she is a good sleeper so Emeline didn’t wake Jenson up at all.

I did, however, catch Jenson many times on the baby monitor peering in to Emeline’s crib last night! The floorboards also gave it away! Poor Emeline was then woken up again by Jenson’s inability to turn down his volume when he announces it is morning time like he does everyday at 6am! Thankfully, she is the happiest little lady and she woke up smiling!

It’s an interesting lesson for holidays in the future, hotels and staying with friends! I guess it is such a novelty for them to be together and he is so proud and in love with her, I shouldn’t moan!


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