Jabs have a lot to answer for!

I am in full support of the baby booster jabs and any others that my children will have as they go through life. Infact, I have the flu jab every winter due to being asthmatic and I barely catch anything. My immunity is good for a teacher and I bouce back quite quickly, it hasn’t always been like that and I use to suffer so much as a little person. 

Emeline is twelve weeks tomorrow, so will have her second set of boosters. She was brilliant with the first, didn’t make a fuss at all afterwards, slept most of the day but then that isn’t uncommon. Of course she screamed blue murder whilst they were being done, that’s Daddy’s job to take the children though as I am too much of a pansey!  


Emie seems out of sorts too, waking up in the night, grizzly and a bit snotty which means she won’t be able to have her jabs. It is most certainly better to delay them but Scott had taken the day off work. We are also off to Kidzania in London for the day for Jenson’s birthday day out so hopefully Emeline will brighten up otherwise I’ll stay at home with her. She has finally crashed out, and taken a dummy – this is a constant battle in the Childs household! The dummy didn’t last long of course and was soon spat out! 

I am currently waiting for Scott to come and remake Emeline’s crib as with the nice weather today, I hoped to get the bed sheets out on the line. She can snuggle down with her Ewan the sheep for a snooze. 


  In other news… I have cheered up!


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