Moody bum

Yesterday, Scott text me how much he missed me and the children and couldn’t wait to see us, how lovely! Really looked forward to getting home and seeing him and Jenson was so excited. 

I don’t often moan about Scott as he is amazing, helps around the house, a perfect Daddy and does so much for us but since I got back he has done nothing but pee me off! 

Our little superstar sleeper has a cold so has been unsettled during the night which means my sleep has been limited the last few days of being away, I don’t mind and I am fine with that, mostly worried about my poppet. My sleep was made even worse by sharing the bed with Jenson! I had legs and arms everywhere and I was even head butted a few times! Therefore, with that combined with an almost 3 hour journey, I was shattered when I got home. 

Standard man, I had asked him to put the washing away and tidy the lounge. Emeline’s clothes are still in their wash basket and the lounge has been hovered in the middle – not tidied at all. In fairness, he worked overtime on Thursday until 8pm and then Saturday morning, but had 2 hours before we got home!
 Jenson was so excited to see him and was desperate to play, Scott wanted to watch the rugby. Jenson’s nagging was winding me up and all Scott had to do was play with him. Apparently, Scott was cooking dinner and was going to do this during the adverts and half time of the rugby… We were having spaghetti bolognaise, not bloody jam sandwiches so I got up to cook it as he made no rush. 

Last night, I got up with Emeline at 12 who was coughing and I tapped on Scott to help as Emie was asleep, he bit my head off and did not wake up or offer help at all all night… Needless to say, I am furious this morning and have no time for him! Sunday is usually my favourite but he is on thin ice. Apparently, he didn’t remember but luckily for my children, I get up to them so they don’t suffer! Let’s hope today improves!


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