Spring has sprung 

It has been a beautiful day here! The sun has been shining all day, washing has been out and windows open. The air has had a slight breeze so it has been a bit chilly but it has been so fresh, my favourite days. 

Scott and Jenson spent most of the day in the garden, they were gardening and playing. At one point, I saw them sitting on the double swing together, too cute. Our garden needed a massive overhaul and Scott is slowly getting there. He has started to prepare for out allotment too and take the big bushy bits down that just look untidy. He has raked and levelled all the soil too and dug out trees and bushes, very impressed. 

Yay to Summer!

We then all went to the park together. Jenson took his football and he roared laughing whilst running around and tackling Scott. Whilst we were there, I love to people watch whilst walking around with Emie. She will not have her pram stay still! There were some girls around 8/9years old, their naivety is lovely.  

They played on the equipment and we came back for dinner. Scott did chicken thighs in honey, soy sauce and garlic. It was delicious and finished off with a mug cake. A bloody lovely family Sunday.  


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