I love sunshine!

I’ve had a lovely day today, much better than previous days with Jenson the tornado. He has obviously caught up on his sleep and Scott’s word with him this morning has paid off, we have also been able to get outside in the garden as well as some quality playing time together whilst Emeline napped. 


I started my day with dread and still cross about yesterday but it got dramatically better after a walk home from school with my lovely friend Helen. I then went for tea with one of besties, she is one in a million and I love our chats and gossips. We put the world to rights and mostly discussed our confusion over our children and their new found attitudes. 

Jenson came home from nursery, he was in a fab mood and we had lunch and a bit of play. Emeline dropped off for a nap, she self settled herself in the cot whilst I was sorting washing which meant Jenson had me to himself. We played cars and Playmobil, at one point I was playing on my own!  


We had our afternoon tea and snack and then went out in the garden, Emeline dropped off to sleep in her pram and I prepared our dinner. I then played with Jenson on his swings. I also managed to get the washing out, I had the nappies out, my favourite type of washing. 

It has been a bloody good day and the sunshine has made it even better! Happy spring time world! 


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