The aftermath 

I have learnt a lesson the hard way this week, never go out on a Monday! I organised our trip to London on Monday, wonderful day, but it was the start of the week. Naturally, a trip to London leaves you tired for some reason, possibly the travel, the walking or even just keeping yourself safe whilst exploring and trying to find the right bloody tube! 

As a result of our lovely day, Jenson has been a little bugger. He went to bed late and got up at normal time and has continued to go to school all week. 

On Tuesday morning, he had the meltdowns of all meltdowns. I can’t even remember what it was about but he was shouting and crying. He had such a tantrum that he slammed the stair gate and he actually broke it off its hinges! He turned in to the hulk. He frightened himself and ran off to his bedroom, for the remainder of the day he was as good as gold. 


Yesterday, I had my friends from work over. Jenson was attention seeking, I asked him to stop but he continued to jump on the sofa, throw the cushions and shout. I took him outside for timeout, he came back stropping. I then took him upstairs, he was kicking so much he tripped me up on the stairs and I hurt my knee and dropped him, he was so lucky we didn’t fall backwards. He was having mammoth tantrum so his favourite bus went in to the bin. He then kicked the door, tried to shut me in the kitchen and it went on…! He got our shoes and threw them around! Carnage! 

Finally, his dinner was ready, by this time my friends had left. He knew I was not happy so he sat beautifully and complemented me on my cooking… It was only chilli. 

I then bathed Emie and he joined her. He lost his bedtime stories because of his behaviour so he went to bed on his own, this upset him and me. Scott was working late so I was excited about having some time with him but it all went wrong. 

Sometimes, I just don’t know what to do with his temper. He is so hot headed and with time he calms down and we make up but in that moment he is like an uncaged animal and nothing seems to bother him, he gets more agitated by losing his toys and his stars from his star chart so now I try to let him ride it out and then discipline the behaviour afterwards so I don’t make the situation worse. It’s so hard to know what to do! 

Why don’t children come with their own manual?! 


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