Hardworking helpers

Family is hardwork, getting the balance right isn’t always easy and actually sometimes we need our time to be our own family, that’s so important. That isn’t always understood and has had such an impact on our relationship with our close family. We live locally and see our parents and siblings often yet the space boundary is often crossed and that makes the relationship tested.

 Scott and I are lucky that our family and friends are so helpful. Whenever we have moved house, they’ve been there to pack boxes and unpack furniture, decorate and help in the garden. Our current garden is a mammoth effort, it was so overgrown when we moved in and Scott has taken it on as his little hobby. 

We had trees cut down and Scott has cleaned the left side of mostly weeds as well as levelling out the ground, the right side has a selection of trees and bushes but it is so overgrown. Randomly, the path finishes half way down the garden too. It needs so much work.  


 Today, we had Scott parents over. I made homemade potato and leek soup for the workers, stocked up on biscuits for Lidl and filled them with tea and coffee. It has been a cold day out there and Emeline has been slightly unsettled since her jabs so she spent the day with me in the warmth. 

I am so grateful for their help today, so much was done to make the garden beautiful and safe for the children but I have had to bite my tongue a lot today. My patience has been tested and I’ve heard more opinions than a new Mum! I have been question about my ‘plans’ for the week and comments have been made about my messy lounge! However, Jenson has has a wonderful day, he ran around sticking pegs on everyone’s clothes, he dug up and played. He has loved it! I wrapped Emeline up in her sling and our lovely Bundlebean  and inspected their work outside, I couldn’t do alot with a baby attached to me!

I can’t wait to get out there in the summer! 


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