I love labor 

I absolutely loved labor with Jenson, I was so excited to do it again with Emie, I didn’t feel anxious or stressed at all in the lead up and couldn’t wait to do it again, I put a lot of pressure on myself in hindsight for it to be smooth and for my labor to be like Jenson’s when each and every one is different. We hired a pool for a homebirth and it was everything I wanted. Infact, I wanted photos taken during my labor in the lead up but being caught in the moment meant we didn’t get any and I am disappointed. There are some beautiful ones just as Emeline was born and my heart skips a beat when I see them, they are for our eyes only although I’ve shown them off to our special people. 


 Emeline is 3 months today and also 13 weeks. 13 weeks ago we met her for the first time. I delivered her in our home and that first day was magical, she met Jenson and we became four.  I wish I could bottle those feelings and emotions.


I enjoyed my labor so much, I loved being in our home. Everything went so well, I have the fondest memory. It was relatively quick albeit an intense birth and it was perfect. I want to do it again and again and if it was possible, I probably would.  

The huge pool


I miss labor, I miss her birth so much. It seems so long ago and seemed to happen so quickly that I actually miss it, already I am ready to do it again but I am not ready for that next baby yet! No way! I love those early newborn stages, the hazy memories in the tiredness, getting to know each sound they make and that crumpled up cuddle. I love skin to skin and having sleepy newborn cuddles on my chest. Those first two weeks are breathtaking and disappear in a flash.  I want to enjoy Emeline and spend time with her and Jenson together and separately and if we do have another, I want to do the same.   

 I want time to stop, it’s just running away with me and I can’t keep up. It seems to be going so much quicker with Emeline than Jenson and I feel like I’m taking my time with her for granted, I’m not, I just have Jenson to look after this time and other jobs to do that mean my job as a mummy comes as being a parent to two children rather than devoting everything to just one. I use to sit and cuddle Jenson for hours but this time I have Jenson to look after and housework to do around both Jenson and Emie. That will be why our house is such a mess as I sit and cuddle our gorgeous girl!

For now, I have the most amazing memories of my labors and the snuggles with both my baby’s. Who knows if we will do it again? 


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