Shift work

Scott has worked shifts the majority of our relationship together, even when Jenson was tiny it wasn’t long before he was back on night shifts and I did it alone. For the last 10 months, Scott has worked Monday to Friday, 8.30-5.30, this has suited us temporarily whilst I worked full time. It gave us every weekend together which is essential for family time. It did have the consequence of Jenson missing out on his time with Daddy though, Scott’s shifts are 8am-8pm for two days, then 8pm-8am for two nights with an amazing 4 days off.

As of next month, April 1st, Scott will be going back on shift. I have such mixed feelings. I am so excited for 4 days off, I am excited for Jenson having his Daddy in the week to take him to nursery and for Emeline to have her Daddy when I go back to work. However, it also means very long days, two 8am-8pm days with Jenson missing Scott, then two nights which means I’ll be alone in the house which I hate and then trying to keep the children quiet during the day. It also makes nap time difficult as I have been putting Emeline down in her crib during the day so she doesn’t get woken by Jenson. Scott will also be invading my ‘Mummy’ time, when I am out socialising! He can come along to Emeline’s baby groups though which I know he really enjoys, especially baby sensory.  


Our social life also suffers! No more weekend dates with friends unless it falls on a weekend off, extra holiday needed for events like weddings, birthdays, christenings etc.  


I am sure, a few weeks in, by the time I’ve had a tough day I’ll hate the idea of shifts but for now, I am mega excited for those four days. That’s massive and makes such a difference to our week! 


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