It’s been a backwards day

Today is the last day of spring term, I am so excited for the holidays with Jenson, seeing my teacher friends and lazy days. I am also scared at how quickly this term went and hoping next term goes slower, I am not ready to leave my baby yet.

It also the end of Spring term and Jenson’s nursery are having a Spring fayre. Yesterday, we finished Jenson’s bonnet. It’s at an awkward time of 3.30-5pm so I’ve had to cook dinner for us this evening. I also forgot my sister and brother in law are coming, I’ve made her favourite, lasagne. 

I enjoy cooking and everything we make is homemade. I’ve grown up with lots of allergies around me so I am use to cooking from scratch. Today was lasagne, the tomato and white sauce both home made and something that I do really well. I always manage to combine lots of vegetables in there too by grating everything.

I collected Jenson from preschool and we went for a haircut and lunch date in Costa. I love spending time with him like this. Emeline slept and his conversation was amazing, he is full of stuff to talk about and shows such an interest, I hope he is always like this! Jenson’s favourite waiter, Charlie, was working and Jenson got extra marshamallows and lots of attention. 

The Spring fayre was brilliant, Mum made a cake for them to raffle off, Jenson met the Easter bunny and I won some raffle prizes! Hurrah! The day has confused for me by cooking in the morning and going back and forth to nursery, thank god for the weekend! 






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