Good Friday

Today is going to be a good day for many reasons. Not only is it good Friday, which in itself is amazing as a bank holiday, we also have a lovely day planned!  


  1. First of all, Emeline woke at 5, fed and went back to sleep so she is currently in bed with Scott who is having a lay in. This means I can have some time with Jenson so we are playing trains and drinking tea.
  2. Scott is off. Need I say anymore! 
  3. First day of the holidays. Jenson is off… Need I say anymore about that! 
  4. The house looks like a bomb has gone off and I have given up caring!
  5. We have our lovely friends for dinner tonight, our first social event since Emeline was born and the best people to spend it with. 
  6. Scott and Jenson are sowing the vegetables for our allotment patch. 
  7. We have lots of nice food coming on our food shop. 
  8. There are lots of new children’s TV Epsidoes. Paw Patrol, Fireman Sam and Bob the Builder 

Since we have a gorgeous little menace, I’ve very much doubt any of this will go to plan! Scott will probably be a grump for having too much sleep, Jenson will be mega excited when Scott wakes up which will lead him to being silly and Scott grumpy – hurrah!  


I can almost guarantee putting the children to bed will be carnage for tonight! Emeline will almost definitely be joining us! The food will remain delicious and we are using our raclette grill which is just fabulous! We have lots of meat, salad, vegetables and olives! 

The weather is meant to be crap, therefore the veggies probably won’t be done and we won’t make it outside today. The house will continue to look like a mess and it will only get worse with us staying in, our friends have three children and take us as we come so to be fair it could remain a mess and we can sit in our PJs and eat dinner and they wouldn’t mind. The best kinds of friends. 

Here is hoping I enjoy it as much as I hope I do! Happy Good Friday! 


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