In the lead up to my labor, Scott and I attended hypnobirthing. I had a wonderful labor with Jenson which was very calm so I wanted to makes sure Emeline’s was the same.

One to one midwives offered the class, Free of charge, which in my opinion is amazing considering other people charge a fortune for it. We used a lot of Katherine Graves scripts and music in the classes (Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing) and I found her voice calming, it’s really important that you can relate and calm to the voice I feel. I could listen to her before bed and within moments, I was fast asleep.

 I found the class brilliant, I really invested myself in it and it made me even more excited for labor. We discussed lots of our worries and fears and these were addressed so positively. I am such a positive person that this is what worked best. 

I enjoyed having the music on in labor, and Scott used the techniques that he picked up but I didn’t fully engaged in the absolute silence and the ‘zone’. I was definitely focused but I didn’t mind the midwives talking to me and I found it peculiar with Scott being so positive that he just pissed me off! 

  Katherine Graves sells a selection of different CDs that can be purchased or downloaded as MP3. My favourite tracks were ‘confidence and power’. These tracks focused a lot on removing negativity and I still think of this even after birth. It was totally my favourite. I felt I could push away those negative people and comments! 

I really loved birth affirmations, I didn’t plaster them around my house but I had faith in myself and I believed that everything was going to be okay. I trusted my body and I felt so relaxed, even when I was overdue, I was worried about being induced and decided against it but I felt calm and that my baby would arrive when she was ready and actually, her timing was perfect.     

I would definitely recommend Hypnobirthing, it’s harmless to try and even better that you can access the class for free: 


The best bit being it gave me faith in myself and every woman should be able to trust herself and have faith in herself. It helped me remain calm and having been through labor before, I knew I would survive although I know that it is incredibly nerve wrecking first time round. 

But look at the magic I produced… 



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