Laughter is the best medicine 

Last night we had our friends for dinner, it’s so much easier and cheaper than going out and we can relax in the comfort of our own home. Emeline is still unpredictable being breastfed and doesn’t take a bottle so it’s always hit and miss whether her last feed will be 7pm so we hosted the dinner. 

Jenson was such a good boy and went off to sleep, Scott read him a story and he went off. I was really proud of him as I thought there was a chance he might start to be silly and come downstairs, but he didn’t. He knows it’s almost Easter and the bunny is watching!! 

I tried to give Emeline her night feed downstairs but she wasn’t having any of it, she was cooing and looking around. We decided to start and I put my steak on the stone and her little bottom lip went. Upstairs we went, she is an efficient feeder so it was only for 20 minutes but the food smelt amazing, I was almost dribbling on her.  


We have a raclette grill – I bought it for Scott’s birthday and it it amazing. If you’re a foodie this is an essential purchase. I prepared salad, potatoes and vegetables and Scott did the salmon, chicken and steak. There was so much but it’s nice to have choice. I also for crisps for nachos – to do under the grill, some bread and dipping oils, olives, cheese and antipasti meats. 

 We oiled the grill and put it on once Jenson has gone to bed for it to heat up, it has to be super hot. Scott got a selection of different spices for his birthday, we use these on everything! They are so nice on wedges in the summer with a BBQ. My way of working the grill is:

  • Add the meat
  • Add some seasoning to the meat and toss it
  • Prepare food for the grill.

I think the grill may be my favourite part, naturally, we have lots of cheese, except Stilton. There is a national shortage of that apparently! Tesco sent me a tiny 60g piece of that, I definitely didn’t order it that small. 

Our raclette has a hot stone on the top for meat and 8 little grills underneath, they have coloured dots on so you can essentially have two of the same colour so you don’t mix them. This was so important when my sister came as she has a potato allergy. The grills are relatively small but it works a bit like tapas, my favourite recipes are:

  • Asparagus and Parma ham 
  • Newpotatoes  (pre cooked) and Stilton
  • Garlic (pre roasted) mushrooms with chees
  • Nachos
  • Spinach, tomatoes and Brie. 
  • Potatoe, Parma ham and cheese. 
  • Roasted peppers. 

The food is amazing but dangerous, you don’t realise how much you’re eating as you pick at it and essentially, you never have a full place. Between four us alone, we ate almost 2lb of steak! 

But, by far, the best part of the evening was with our friends. We laughed so much, I went to bed smiling. Scott has been friends with Martyn since they were small and you can see their friendship glowing when they are together, I love his wife Angela and we have a wonderful friendship too, we communicate everyday and have such fun together. We asked them to be Emeline’s godparents last night and they accepted which is wonderful. It gives me such reassurance they will support our family like that but I feel safe in the knowledge also that they are stuck with us for life. 

It was our first evening ‘event’ since having Emeline and it was a huge success! Home dinner parties are the way forward! 

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