Screw you British Summer Time!

The clocks changing, in my opinion, has no purpose. It doesn’t make it any sunnier or warmer. We just have darker mornings and lighter evening. This doesn’t bother me at all and I’d happily sacrifice this for just the same time all year around.  


Before I had children, I changed the clocks the night before. One year, my Dad also did the same. This meant that I was an hour early, at 5am, to collect my best friend from the airport as she was on her way back from travelling… I was excited but turning up at her parents at that time was ridiculous. 

I now hate the clocks changing along with every other parent. It’s a new routine that we have to adjust our children to unnecessarily. Especially during term time! Thank god this year has fallen in the holidays, a child without that hours sleep is hideous. 

The changing affects feeding routines and bedtime routines and everything. Emeline is fed on demand so that’s okay but having to change that bottle feeding, 4 hour routine to when it suits you is hideous. Trying to adjust Jenson’s bedtimes is going to be painful, gradually moving it to 7pm over the next week. It’s a fine art! 

However, looking at the time on my phone, I feel liberated based on the fact both my children have had a lay in today. Not by yesterday’s time, but by today’s time! This is life changing and for the day, I’ll be like a spring chicken! We are off to do our egg hunt as soon as they wake!  


Happy Easter! 


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