What does showing off achieve?! 

Showing off probably makes me the angriest, he has now reason to show off. My family and friends love him exactly as he is when they see him alone, however, a larger group of people and Jenson feels the need to show off, be silly and be loud. He really lets himself down. 

We have had a lovely Easter, he has been as good as gold all weekend and we had the loveliest egg hunt and played with his new Playmobil hospital. 

 Then we went to my parents and within seconds of walking through the door, he was running around and shouting. It annoys me and I start moaning at him, then Scott does too. We end up pissed off and Jenson just ignores us as more family arrive. With focused attention and someone saying ‘let’s do this..’ He is so much better, but being left to his own devices or to make a decision, he is a nightmare. Today was no exception and was made worse by the chocolate feast he had for pudding!    

As expected, his auntie and uncle wind him up by exciting him. I will get my revenge. He gets carried away and doesn’t know when to stop, Scott and I get more annoyed at Jenson who is still running around, squeaking and squealing and generally having fun! Jenson ignores everything I say and everyone eggs him on by laughing, encouraging him or making excuses I.e ‘he is hungry’, ‘he is tired’ etc! 


We eventually decide to leave when we are borderline divorce and all of a sudden when we arrive home, Jenson is back to the wonderful little petal he is. He played in his room on his own, he often does this during the day for 10 minutes, I think he needs some space away from Emeline. He came back down and I had set him up a Playmobil city, we played so nicely and he was calm and giggly. Then he asked to watch the ‘Brain Film’ – yesterday we discovered Inside Out and he is obsessed with it and he sat and ate his boiled eggs nicely. He has had a lovely bath and we are attempting a relatively normal bedtime routine even though the clocks have changed and it is so light.  


I feel bloody exhausted, I slept rubbish but he has worn me out behaving how he has for no reason. Everyone makes excuses for him which makes it even worse and I am so excited to put him to bed. Dreading tomorrow with the inlaws which is always 50,000 times worse!  


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