“Can I have a cuddle please Mummy?”

Today, my gorgeous little four year old has been so affectionate. He has enjoyed his first day of the holidays with me and Emeline. Numerous times, he has clambered up on to my lap to ask for a cuddle today, it’s like music to my ears. Jenson rarely stops for 5 minutes, he never sits and watches TV so for him to want to cuddle me is just amazing. He has been quite calm today, maybe he is flagging after the ridiculous about of sugar he has consumed! We even started the day with a sticker book! 


Jenson knew I wasn’t feeling that great today and as the day went  on, I have felt worse. He has been a cross between my doctor and my own personal assistant! As soon as I’ve finished a drink he has jumped up to take the glass to the kitchen for me, obviously to earn extra stars on his chart! I feel so proud of the caring and helpful little person I am raising. Whilst Emeline was on her mat, the slightest whimper and he was there, telling me she was fine   

Jenson felt like he earnt an extra special treat by being so lovely today, he came to Baby Sensory with me and Emeline, my sister, Charlotte, also joined us. He played ‘baby’ for some of it, other parts he watched and then he took it in turns to sing to Emeline and join in. The activity week at Baby Sensory was Baby Pirate and I remember doing it with Jenson when he was so little. Without fail, everyday I question how he is four, I am amazed with everything he has learnt and what he knows and can do but he needs me, he won’t always need me but for now, snuggling up on my lap with his warm arms wrapped around my throat to the point I am almost choking is everything I want. 

I am so shocked sometimes at how little people can be so thoughtful, I collected Scott a Fitbit today from Argos, Jenson felt that in order for Scott to have his new watch, he would have to find it on a treasure hunt as Daddy enjoyed the egg hunt on Sunday! Knowing full well that he had this ‘new toy’ when he got home and he would then have to search for it would no doubt drive him mad, so naturally I agreed! Jenson came up with some questionable clues and drew a treasure map. I drew some drawings to help! 

I am savouring this moment and today’s memories, knowing full well tornado Jenson will return tomorrow and there will be carnage, noise and tantrums. It was lovely whilst it lasted! 


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