Cloth nappies for beginners!

This is our second time round for cloth bums and I feel so much more confident, I want to expand our stash and try different brands and we always wear them out. With Jenson we used Bambino Mio Miosolo and Tots Bots Easy Fit. The two part Bambino Mio nappies didn’t suit Jenson nor did Tots Bots, it’s so important you find the right nappies for your baby. This time round, anything seems to fit Emie and suit her, I think it’s because she has chubby thighs. So far we haven’t had any leaks with Emeline but we had a few leg leaks with Jenson.  

Enjoying our cloth nappies in the garden



Here are a few basics to get yourself started: 

  1. The first rule to cloth nappies is to increase their absorbency, rinse and rinse and rinse to get them up to a good level. 
  2. Never use fabric softener! This clogs up the nappies and reduces their absorbency. 
  3. Hang them outside to dry when possible – the neighbours will love the brightly coloured pants but the sun is natural stain remover. 
  4. Always use a liner, most brands do their own liners. My favourite liner is Tots Bots as they fit nicely inside. Others hang out and can leak slightly if they’re not tucked in properly. 

    Tots Bots Liner

  5. Fold over Velcro – if your nappies have got Velcro tabs. There are sides to fold the Velcro back on itself so it doesn’t catch in the machine.  

    Tots Bots velcro tabs

  6. Strip wash the nappies once a month. I do this by rinsing a few times, washing with fairy liquid. Then a hot wash with nappy detergent, then rinse, rinse, rinse!  There are lots of different methods available online though. 
  7. Store nappies in the appropriate container, some nappies should be stored in water and others should be in a dry bin. Tots Bots have an elastic bin liner which means the nappies can go straight in the washing machine in the bin mesh.  

There are three types of nappies that are our personal favourite and they are easiest but are also easy for our family to use, the best one though is the Bambino Mio Miosolo. It is also really easy to put ‘back together’ with a slide in pocket, you put your hand in and slide the nappy back inside. This is one of my favourite features as it is quick and easy. Essential when babies start rolling and moving.



I love Tots Bots for their slim fit. Their Easyfit has poppers on their inside pocket for attaching boosters which is brilliant when you need it. I put the nappy back together and shake it back to shape. Tots Bots have recently released their new nappy ‘Peenut‘. This nappy is genius and I want more of these. They are essentially a two part nappy with poppets for the inserts rather than folds. The wrap can also be used for their Bamboozles too. This means that there is also more room in your changing bag as you only need to take the pop ins for the Peenut.  

Peenut Nappy

Peenut Wrap and Bamboozle Cloth


Peenut popper insert


Bamboozle Nappy


You can literally get any nappy you want too, even personalised ones! Jenson had his own one made by Weenotions and he looked bloody lovely!   

Looking the part for birthday cake smash

We have always had nappies that are birth to Potty too except the Bamboozles. They have poppers on the front to adjust the sizes and you can loosen the Velcro across the tummy too.

Birth to Potty

Finally, since swim nappies are ridiculously expensive, I have also used both Bambino Mio and Tots Bots swim nappies, I like them both equally. Bambino Mio are like training pants that you pull up and down which can be a pain if there is a poo whereas Tots Bots work as a normal nappy. 

Tots Bots Swim Nappy

 I am a massive cloth nappy fan for their appearance mostly as well as their easiness! And I would recommend to anyone! 


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