Going alone 

Today is my first 8am-8pm day, pretty much a single parent for the day. Scott returned to shift work today, long term this is perfect for us and I just need to adjust our routine slightly. It was relatively easy with Jenson but now there is two of them and Jenson needs dinner and bedtime and his routine. 

Scott works four days on, four days off, those four days can be dreams or nightmares depending on the 4 year old! I use to love it just being us and him being the centre of attention but now he has to share his time with Emie, it could go either way! 

Today was okay! We had our usual day, easy. I had a nice breakfast with Jenson whilst Emeline slept, lunch and playing. Dinner was prepared and ready to eat at 5, much better at that time than waiting until 6 when Scott would usually get in. Just as I was about to dish up Emeline started to really scream, this is so unlike her and I was quite concerned. I tried to feed her, she wasn’t interested, I took her clothes off and she was still going mad. She was crying so much she was choking and being sick which scared me. I walked her around and she eventually calmed down. Jenson had finished his dinner and mine was cold. I had started to run a bath for Emie as it always helps her chill out and she is so happy, as expected she was delighted by her bath and was happy kicking around. Once she was out, I massaged her then dressed her in pjs and Jenson got out the bath and ready for bed. I ate my dinner whilst Emeline played on her mat and Jenson ate his pudding. I felt like I had accomplished something! I also managed to get the washing in, washing up done and make Scott’s lunch for tomorrow!  

Chicken in honey, soy sauce and garlic with veggies, buttered leek, spinach and asparagus and sweet potato mash.

My next hurdle was bedtime, Emie looked so tired! I got Jenson to go to the toilet and brush his teeth, he had a story in his bed with me and Emie and then I tucked him in. Emeline has had her night and that’s them both asleep by 7.15pm! A great achievement on my own, especially managing to fit all my jobs in too! 


I know some amazing parents do this alone all day every day and I am in awe of them. It was a big deal for me, another tick on adjusting to life as a parent of two. 

Next on the list to conquer are the night shifts, dreading it! 


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