Tiny person = snot machine!

Emeline is poorly! She had a cold a few weeks ago, a slight snuffle and sniffle and a bit of a temperature that delayed her 12 week jabs, calpol, saline spray and lots of love got us through that one. 

This time, she is poorly. After her meltdown last night, she went down hill, by no means is she unwell as some children, she does just have a cold but it is so horrid to see a baby suffer. 

She slept really well but my gosh did she make noises, poor little love was snorting and snot bubbling in her sleep. She woke up at 4.30am and was choking on the snot which had settled at the back of the throat which was nice for her. Lots of phlegm came up and she was back to her usual smiley self. A lot of sneezes and nose wiping later, careful of her eyes as we are on our second day of antiobiotics for conjunctivitis, Jenson told me she was sweaty, low and behold, she had a slight temperature. Calpol at the ready in the syringe, I used my best tactics to get her mouth open! This girl will not take a dummy or anything and isn’t very forthcoming when it comes to calpol. Eventually she took the dose and had a quick cat nap.

This morning her little eyes have become more red and she is breathing heavily out of her mouth where her nose is blocked, saline spray still being used to help her and I’ve resulted to some snuffle baby on her baby grow – pulling out the big guns. Her nose seems to have cleared but she has the cutest little cough, she is bringing a lot of phlegm up and thankfully sounds less wheezy, I know it’s the snot in her throat rather than her lungs and I am so thankful for that. 

I am snuggling this poor little dot and I would happily take these germs for her. She is still smiling away and wanting to play with her toys when she is awake but she has seriously crashed. Jenson has tried to entertain and comfort his little sister and has been so patient, I’ve asked if he wanted to go to his grandparents for the day but apparently he will ‘miss Emeline too much’. I’ve got the fruit and snacks down for him to help himself. He got himself a bagel for lunch and some Easter chocolate whilst I comforted a very teary baby. I managed to whisk him some scrambled egg and salmon with the bagel and now I can prepare his strawberries and banana.  



My mum and sister have always been poorly as I grew up, my mum had endless medical conditions and lung problems on top of food allergies and asthma and I am grateful everyday that both of our children have not inherited these conditions, as it seems. Jenson has a weaker chest and an inhaler for asthma but it gets better as he gets older. I hope that Emeline will have Scott’s immunity too and neither of them will suffer like my Mum and sister have and do. My heart breaks for families with children that are unwell, it’s so unfair. Their parents are angels. 

Right now, in my first world problem world, I am covered in sick and snot and armed with:

  • Olbas baby oil on a muslin
  • A muslin for snot and sick 
  • Snuffle baby 
  • Saline spray in my back pocket (oh yeah)!
  • Vaseline for her streaming nose! 

Ready to enjoy some time with my big boy now Emie is asleep and I’ll see you all on the other side!


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