A lazy Easter holidays 

This Easter holiday has been very different to our usual one, it’s usually a holiday for me too and time to spend with Jenson. I cram it full of day out, trips away and Scott takes time off to spend with us too. As I am on maternity leave, I have just let Jenson have a rest. As much as Jenson loves a day out, we also love lazy days at home playing. Jenson has a wonderful imagination and loves to play, he is so good at playing alone too but I’ll always join in when I can. He loves small world and roleplay and I spend a lot of my day setting out small world scenarios.  

Jenson thinking I am special because I take him out!

Jenson only goes to preschool for three hours a day and usually has Friday’s off but as of next term, he will be going five days to prepare for school next year. I tend to keep the Friday for a day with me and Emie or a trip out but now Scott is back on shifts we will have a lot more time as a family. 

Both Emeline and I have been unwell this Easter which has limited our days out but Jenson has minded. He really wants to go to the zoo but we can do that anytime as we have a gold card. We managed breakfast with the Easter Bunny on Monday and Jenson had a trip to baby sensory with Emeline but that has been it for family days out other than lots of walks down the Flitch! Jenson went to cricket school on Thursday for a while and had a brilliant time.  

Cricket School

Pirate Week at Baby Sensory


Scooter Ride


Baby sensory

Hopefully, we will all perk up towards the end of the week and we can make it to the zoo. I know that term time days out are a novelty being a teacher and as he is at preschool I don’t need to rush out and fight the clouds. That’s a nice feeling! 


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