Too much responsibility 

Having children is the biggest responsibility in the world. I remember feeling it being dropped on me from a high height the moment we walked through our front door with Jenson at 12 hours old, just left to care for him and know what to do. God, we had no idea what to do but amazingly it comes to you so naturally. 

Since then, my biggest responsibility has been playing. It would appear that I cannot be trusted and I need fine, small, step by step instructions on how to ‘play’. Never mind that my job as a teacher means I play constantly through learning and roleplay but at home, it would seem I am a novice! 

Today, for example, we are playing cars. I have been given the job of “being in charge” (Jenson’s words) of his tram. Apparently, all it needs to do is go backwards and forwards on the train track as he hasn’t got a tram line so I have to “pretend”! Having said that, you’d think by being in charge, I would be able to move my tram forwards and backwards easily, but no, apparently the people haven’t got on it yet, the traffic light is red or there is something on the track. 

His imagination amazes me! So actually by being “in charge” means I am just sitting here, watching my stationary tram, waiting to be told when to move it. Later, I was given the responsibility of being “in charge” of the tankers. Wahooo, I thought, how wrong could I be?… They were having a tea break at the petrol station! 


Yesterday, we were playing Mummies and Daddies. You’d think that Jenson would consider me an ‘expert’ in this area. Again, no! I wasn’t holding the baby properly, nor was I burping the baby correctly. Thankfully, both Jenson and Emeline are surviving so I don’t feel I am doing a bad job, luckily my confidence didn’t take too much of a knocking!  

Taking our ‘babies’ out!

I hope he isn’t this bossy with his friends but I love his perfectionist way and how he wants things done, after all, they are his toys and his mind is making them play! Let’s hope I live up to his expectations today! 


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