The final countdown

The end of the Easter holidays is here, I have that sad teacher feeling. Not because I have work tomorrow but because there is one term left. One term left of maternity leave, one term left of preschool for Jenson and one term left before he starts school. I feel that it just illustrates how quick time is going and life is just laughing at me. 


We haven’t done anything adventurous this holiday, we’ve played at home as Emeline has been poorly but according to Jenson, that has been a huge highlight for him. It has been so lovely not to rush him out and spend time with him, I absolutely love having him at home. I realise that there isn’t much ‘time’ left before it is time for me to get back to work and I want to spend my maternity leave with both Jenson and Emeline, days out and family time. 


The idea of Jenson starting school terrifies me, we find out his school place next week and that I am fine with. I am happy with our local schools, I know he will do well and feel safe in the knowledge that the staff will love him and look after him the best they can. I know this because I am a teacher and I feel that way about my pupils. It’s a nice safety blanket. I put Jenson to bed earlier and saw his cute, round face with a gappy toothed smile just like it was when he was an eighteen month old, then all of a sudden I am back with my four year old. It has gone amazingly fast and I need it to slow down. 
I need to prepare myself for this summer term, a lot is happening and changing. I also need to be realistic and think about my return to work. It makes me feel sick to my stomach. I love my job but I am so worried about returning and leaving Emie.  


Plenty of wine and quality time together this term to help me manage all the changes! 


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