School Ready

On Tuesday, our local children centre had a school transition market. There were lots of our local schools and preschools there, including Jenson’s preschool which is where I heard about it initially. There was an email sent out by the Children’s Centre yesterday too. 

There wasn’t much to ‘know’ in all honesty, I’m not sure if that’s because I am prepared for that transition being a teacher myself and I know what to expect or whether it I just parent instinct. I feel really relaxed about the whole process. I am pleased that I am feeling like this as it is such a huge deal and I have spent the last 8 years of teaching realising that and reassuring parents, it’s only since having children that I really appreciate how much of a big deal it is.  



Monday will be a huge day when we find out what school he will be going to and after that, his first day will be massive. I am excited to go to his new school and find out about it with parents evenings but I know Jenson is ‘school ready’. Both Scott and I and his preschool have made sure of that. I am so proud of the progress Jenson has made at school, he is counting confidently, can recognise numbers and uses his Numicon well, he knows his letters and sounds and is starting to blend sounds to read, he recognises key words and has his own reading book. This is huge for my little cherub. Socially and emotionally, he is also ready. He is good at caring for himself, toileting and dressing and undressing himself. We have alsways worked hard at promoting his independence. 

Everything that was drummed in to my yesterday was support at home, how children can be supported at home and the impact of this on their learning. I know all of this. I listened and took the resources to help, who doesn’t love a freebie! There was lots on reading and play at home. Rhym was also really promoted, a child who knows 5 or more rhymes apparently finds writing and reading easier. 

Rhyme cards


More rhyme resources but this is a bath vinyl wall sticker

The event was good but outdated. There should be one in the Autumn term in preparation for school admission applications, parents visit schools but this gives families more time to be school-ready. The preschools will also have more of a purpose, Jenson is 8 weeks from leaving and Emeline is 2 years from joining. It was good they were there showing how they’re working together but if they were there earlier, the benefit would be substantial long term.  

The worst thing about your child expecting to be ‘school ready’ is the additional pressure, there is so much pressure on little people and schools and what is expected. So many boxes to tick and milestones to meet, there is so much to achieve to be ‘school ready’, can’t quite believe we are at this point though. It’s scary! I worry that from now, it’ll be constant targets and progress towards the next one and endless pressure. I hate how the school system is, I know he will flourish and will be fine but I always want his childhood to be filled with dirt, mud, play and endless fun and I want that promoted, I don’t want him as a focus or a figure in a pupil progress meeting! 

Come September it will all be a haze anyway, in the meantime, I’ll be making sure he is up to school ready standard!  



Phew, we can do this and more



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