Caravan holidays

Next week, we are going away and we will be staying in a static caravan. I spent my childhood enjoying caravan holidays and it has given me the best memories from my childhood. 

We are off to Dorset, a beautiful part of our country. I can’t wait. 

Yesterday, I rang to check a few things… One being a travel cot. We didn’t need one as I was taking my own. It was after I got off the phone, I was thinking about the size of the caravans we stayed in. I used my good friend, Twitter, and tweeted the company. They recommended that we keep the cot in the lounge.

Yes. That’s right. My daughter, 4 months old. In a cot. In the lounge, the other side of the caravan with the kitchen inbetween us.


Over my dead body! 

This absolutely amazed me! Not in a good way either. There is so much research in to sudden infant death syndrome and parents are advised to share a room with their baby until the baby is 6 months, some parents even share for longer yet a family friendly holiday village does not provide the appropriate facilities for this to operate. Mind blowing.

Scott also agreed that in no uncertain terms would Emeline be sleeping in the lounge and fortunately she is still small enough to fit in her Moses basket, it’ll be tight and the little fidget will probably be restless but there is no way she is sleeping on her own down there. 

I can’t really digest how any parent would be happy to do that to be honest. It’s the idea that the kitchen is between so if there was a fire, you’d have no way of getting to your baby. It seems like she is just so far away. 

I am going to try and ring them again tomorrow to see about upgrading our caravan, I am aware that the space won’t dramatically increase but I’d like to think they have some solutions for me. If not, moses basket it shall be and I’ll learn from my mistake. 


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