Pass me the wine!

This weekend, well the last week, has been rough! Emeline had her jabs on Friday and she has really suffered all weekend. The usual symptoms of just being miserable and having a temperature, we aren’t even at day 10 yet! Her cheeks are rosey and her bottom is sore too so it could be those teeth moving around but I think she is still too little.  


I’ve had a migraine since last week, it is lingering and I just feel horrible. Yesterday, we found out Jenson’s school place for September. That drained me emotionally and physically, naturally, I couldn’t sleep because I was an excited and nervous mess so I was awake for around 3 hours in the night, combined with my lingering headache from last week it went off! I was in bed and asleep at 8 last night after the children had gone to bed. I didn’t even notice Scott getting in from work or coming to bed, could have been anyone in there with me. I often suffer with headache but migraines only come when I am really run down or just exhausted. Paracetamols are not touching it and my doctor has said absolutely under no circumstances can I take my usual medicine for it whilst breastfeeding. On Twitter, Dr Mummykins produced a medical journal which gave some useless medical advice on taking ibuprofen! That eased it last week so I may need to try that later. I love that about twitter, it has its negatives like EVERTHING but I’ve found it a real open forum of support.  


I decided on Sunday to get the children outside, the weather was beautiful and Emeline needed a nice walk to let her sleep. I put her in the pushchair part of the pram… Well she seems to like that and needless to say, didn’t sleep! Was much happier looking around! When we got to the cafe for a cuppa, Jenson declared his legs were too tired to walk back (we do this walk often, it’s not new). My dad come to collect him and I walked back alone, peace, Emeline still didn’t sleep!  



We went to a jewellery party in the afternoon, Emeline joined me as she was a little unpredictable. She was quite unsettled but everyone was great and either rocked, pushed her in a pram, cuddled her, cooed over her or left her alone and she eventually went to sleep. I felt rather stressed though as ideally, I didn’t want to take her at all. 

On top of all of this, in regards to my post on choice the other day. I had more criticism from my mother in law and judgements. I stood up for myself and told her how I felt, she should be supportive of us but we are always under fire and never good enough. She adds a ridiculous amount of pressure to my son. I feel such a weight has been lifted since I told her how I felt and how she was behaving wasn’t okay. 

I feel the only way to solve all of the above and my migraine is to drink copious amounts of wine which leads to a horrendous hangover! Sadly, due to breastfeeding, I can’t do this or sleep the migraine off so it’s a case of grin and bear it! 


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