Fussy eating

Jenson has never ever been a fussy eater. He does not like kidney beans, brussels sprouts (understandably) or raisins. He will always try new foods and has been interested in what other people are eating. We can take him out to any restaurant and there will always be something he likes or wants to try, he isn’t the usual ‘fish fingers, chips and beans’ child. 

 Recently, he has started to turn his nose up at things. Things he usually loves aswell, for example, we had spaghetti bolognaise for dinner tonight, this is his favourite and he will alway choose this in a restaurant. Tonight, he refused to eat the bolognaise. Apparently he doesn’t like it. He doesn’t like mushrooms (forgot that up above) but I always take them out. He turned his nose right up at my dinner and it made me so cross. The dinner was delicious and like everything we have, was homemade, I make my own sauce and prepare and hide vegetables, maybe they aren’t that well hidden! I even get him to help me cook! He then tried the ‘I am full up’ line, that means no pudding then. So off he went, upstairs to get ready for bed without pudding because he declared he was ‘full’ which I do not believe for one single second.


 Like me, he goes through phases with food of really enjoying something and then going off it so I understand when he eats bags of beans one week and then the next can’t bear to be near them. He has also gone of broccoli recently and even bananas. There is never any point in buying yogurts two weeks in a row because they won’t get eaten. 


I’m at a dead end with how to solve this. He isn’t a fussy eaten and hasn’t been so he definitely isn’t going to be turning in to one. I think I’ll continue to provide him with our meals and if he doesn’t like it then he goes hungry. Cruel to be kind, but I am not cooking 27,000 meals nor am I promoting his new found fussiness. He will thank me when he is older! 


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