Real Nappy Week

This week is real nappy week, it’s a brilliant week for special offers and discount buys for cloth nappies as well as competitions left, right and centre. A cloth bum Mum’s paradise!  

I am trying my hardest to enter every competition possible for free nappies, as well as search high and low for discounts. I have used this week to purchase Emeline’s personalised nappy from Weenotions. Jenson had his own personalised nappy and it was amazing. I’ve gone for half and half of minkee with Emeline’s name embroidered on her bottom, similar to Jenson. 

Embroidery on the back of Weenotions nappy

Weenotions Nappy

Emeline has quite a collection of nappies now as well as some of Jenson’s old ones. The nappies would have been perfectly okay to use again for Emeline but I had such an urge to buy new ones for her, she deserves her own pants to shit in after all. They are under the bed for emergencies when I’ve ran out or just left them downstairs or when I haven’t put them away! We have broadened our nappy selection with Emeline too, tried different brands and different styles. She has a fabulous figure (haha) so fits in every cloth nappy we have tried and they fit fabulously. 

Tots Bots have really promoted Cloth Nappies with #giveclothago on Twitter and Facebook. Bambino Mio also do similar and have done by using the hashtag #makeclothmainstream. I think the deals make such a difference during weeks like this, I bought Jenson’s first collection his time 4 years ago, we had a few but really bulked it out by buying a birth to potty set, there was a huge discount and there has been this week. 

Other than Emeline’s personalised nappy, I have been quite reserved but it was only a few weeks ago that I purchased some new nappies, some Peenut wraps from TotsBots and four new geometric styles from Bambino Mio.

The best bit about cloth for me is how cute they are, I bloody loved Jenson’s little bottom in them and now I love Emeline’s. They also look super cute on the washing line, the neighbours always comment, in fact most people do. I definitely recommend giving cloth a go, it’s so straight forward and it has so many benefits, it has been a positive experience for me and no one needs extra work with a new baby and it really hasn’t been a chore. They are easy and I love them.

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