Caravan holidays!

We have just returned from a lovely week away in Dorset. We stayed at Littleseas which is a Haven site on the Jurassic Coast in Weymouth. It it stunning and we saw some truly beautiful views. We were also very close to Portland too (I’ll do another post about what we got up to).

The journey was reasonable, Jenson was so excited to get there and thankfully there wasn’t any traffic. We had constant questions:

“Are we there yet?”

“How long now?”

“Will we be there in two minutes?”

Other than the hilarious questions which started 20 minutes in to the journey (which was 3 1/2 hours), Jenson was as good as gold. We used our best parenting tactics and he watched Inside Out on the iPad for a while and then played with some of his toys, we stopped for a Starbucks and to feet Emeline at Fleet services and then Jenson read a few books before falling asleep. I have learnt to always pack toys in the middle so he can fetch what he wants out the bag to play with, genius. 

The journey was simple and we used the motorways and main roads, we arrived in Dorset and Scott pulled up at a random location. Apparently he chose to put ‘Haven, Weymouth’ in to the SatNav rather than our actual location, we were at the wrong place. I wanted to throttle him. What a stupid thing to do. Twat! Thankfully, only 15 minutes later we arrived at our actual Haven! 

We had a Prestige caravan – bloody lovely! 3 bed with lovely facilities and central heating – so important for little peeps. We also have two bathrooms, one which was an ensuite. We don’t even have that luxury at home. We unpacked, had a wander around and went off to do the food shop, we found a local Asda, we don’t often go to Asda so that was exciting but Jenson finally got to sit next to his sister in the trolley, he has been asking since she was born! 

We planned to eat in each night so had easy dinners:

  • Chicken thighs with jackets and vegetables.
  • Pizza and salad. 
  • Spaghetti bolognaise 
  • Red Thai curry 

It’s best to plan ahead when staying in a caravan, so you have everything you need. Caravans have the essentials but now everything you need. A list for my next one so I don’t forget: 

  • Oven gloves 
  • Wooden spoon (couldn’t find one)
  • Tea towels 
  • Toilet rolls 
  • Washing up liquid and sponges 
  • Clean film 
  • Tin foil 
  • Pot of sugar 
  • Pot of coffee 
  • Tea bags 
  • Shower towels 

I remembered most of these this time other that the tea towels, oven gloves and wooden spoon. It is a nightmare to stir without one. 

I find caravan holidays so easy and so cheap, I managed to take everything I needed for both the children and buy anything we forgot, nappies! We used disposable whilst we were away. It’s a home from home and caravans are so well equipped. I grew up in caravans as a child, both static and towing and I had my fondest memories. I want the same for Jenson and Emeline. 



Main bedroom

One of the bedrooms


One negative, as I posted about previously was the space. Not ideal with a baby. Ideally, cots should be placed in the lounge. I am not happy with this, there is now way I am putting my daughter in the lounge when there is a kitchen between us, that’s my biggest issue. I was, however, able to put the Moses basket in the bedroom, she is just starting to grow out of it so luckily we managed to keep her in there for this week. 

We had a brilliant week. Now, trying to do everything possible not to spend our savings on a caravan! 


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