Emeline is 4 months and quickly approaching that next stage ready for weaning, that alone scares me! Can’t believe how quick it is going. 

I really enjoyed weaning with Jenson and it was straight forward and simple, I did a combination of baby led weaning and puréed food. I just can’t remember how we did it or how to start! I do remember that his first meal was salmon en croute! Living the dream. 

I need to start researching and preparing for this next step, I vaguely remember introducing foods gradually, one at a time and having a breakfast for a week, then two meals the second and then 3 meals the third week. Although, I can’t guarantee that’s how I did it! I definitely didn’t do pure puréed foods, it almost always had lumps on it and that was down to the food processor I think. 

We have started the first step and Emeline has a new high chair, we sold Jenson’s as we really didn’t like it. It was clumpy and big, didn’t fold away properly and Jenson couldn’t sit at the table. This time, I really wanted a Stokke one but Scott put his foot down and said it was far too expensive, especially when you get all the adjustments. IKEA do a higher chair for children to use at the dinner table so he moved on to that once he came out of hig high chair. I researched a lot this time and found a few high chairs of choice, Scott selected a ‘final 3’ which were all Cosatto. We loved the 3sixti and Supa Noodel design. We settled on the 3Sixti in the apple design – it’s so bright and looks fab with our dark wood table and green curtains. 

I am now spending my time looking for recipes, advice and guidance for weaning. I have no idea where I got my information from last time but I hope Emeline weans as well as Jenson and we have a successful journey. I must remember to document how I decide to wean Emie as I couldn’t find weaning on Jenson’s blog. 


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