Babyled weaning won for us!

We have been weaning Emeline for around 3 weeks now. She is a lover of food. She will try everything and nibble and suck on it. We started our journey using the Ella’s Kitchen weaning guide. Having weaned before, and it was successful, you’d think I would know exactly what to do this time round. Well I didn’t! Ideally, I wanted the same weaning experience as Jenson as that worked really well for us and he is a superb eater.


I followed a brief plan for what I remembered with Jenson. I started about 2/3 weeks before he was 6 months and I did the same with Emeline. We started with dinner, the easiest time as there isn’t anything to to rush for and she could take as long as she needed. We did this for a week and then we introduced breakfast, once she was 6 months and she could eat a range of food, we introduced lunch. 

We tried puréed vegetables to begin with and Emeline’s first try of carrots was a huge success, then peas and lots of other yummy bits. Emeline then wanted her own spoon, very strong minded for a 6 month old but she was refusing to open her mouth. This solved the problem for a few days but then she didn’t want us to feed her at all. She had tried all the first taste vegetables so I knew her basic likes and dislikes. 

First try of carrots

I decided to just give her some of our vegetables, huge success. She nibbled on them with her two tiny spikey teeth. We haven’t looked back. Some days are better than others and generally she will eat everything and anything given to her. We definitely made the right choice by Emeline. 

Following Jenson’s lead

Crackers and cream cheese

One negative that I am struggling with is the amount of mess and food wastage. Emeline likes to squash, squish and throw her food. She has a brilliant mouth aim but once she has had enough, she just moves on so quickly. We have been following Ella’s kitchen on Twitter and Veg for Victory too, with the aim that children’s first taste should be vegetables. It gives the children a good start in life and familiarises them with these tastes rather than sweeter foods. They also run a little competition to win a veg for victory baby grow, Emeline won for being “brave in the face of broccoli“!
I worry about how much food Emeline is taking in and is it not particularly measurable once she has squashed it and thrown it everywhere but if she was hungry she would eat more. Her breast feeding has become more efficient and I know the saying ‘food before one is just for fun!!’ So I don’t need to worry just yet. 

I’ll keep going for now and just pray that she has the same food love as Jenson but Babyled is definitely the way forward for now. 


Father’s Day


I love Father’s Day, like any other special day of the year, I love to spoil Scott. I am a nightmare for buying presents because I get over excited and go over the top!

I have made Scott a video the last few years to celebrate Father’s Day although working full time meant he didn’t get one last year.


This year was no exception in my mind. A day planned for London to visit the aquarium, one of Scott’s favourite places and then a nice dinner out. Jenson wanted to go on a London bus and visit the Queen too. However, yesterday, a migraine started and it is still evidently there. I have spent the last two days in and out of bed, snoozing when I can and feeling sick. My vision is hazy, my coordination is shocking and I have no idea what I am talking about or doing half the time. I could not face London. Let alone facing a car and tube journey. Scott is not bothered in the slightest but I feel very “meh”.

In all honesty, he has been in a man heaven. He had a huge lay in with Jenson waking at 7.15 and Emeline at 7.50 this morning. He was then given a cup of coffee in bed and his presents. A lovely make your own pet sausage dog from Olives Toy Box, photos from Emeline’s baby photo shoot to go in the hall and a waffle maker! Jenson and I then made him waffles for breakfast with every topping imaginable.


Scott then cut the grass and started using power tools and a hammer on our pallets to make some benches. He loves to make stuff for the garden. Once I was up and ready we took a walk down the Flitch, Jenson rode his bike. He has learnt to ride without stabilisers but is so wobbly so Scott added them back but put them higher for a bit of stability and balance. Even so, we had a few falls offs and Jenson ended up in the swamp twice!!! We arrived at the cafe and had some lunch before finishing off some tea and brownie before our walk home.


Scott and Jenson have spent the afternoon in the garden, banging on wood and digging stuff. Our dinner at Cafe Rouge has been postponed but chicken and steak on the Raclette grill is on the menu.

I know that he has had a fab day, Jenson has too. He has commented all day at how much he has loved Father’s day today! He has been looking forward to this day for weeks with our presents, cards and nursery gifts. I enjoyed it too. Family days at home are just as lovely as family days out, when they work out!



One of those days…

We all have them, some people have them most days – that is unlucky. I am a positive person so therefore, negative thoughts are few and far between but today I haven’t been in the best of moods.

It started with Scott’s shift changing 7am-7pm so his colleagues can get home to watch the Euros. This isn’t that bad but Jenson wanted breakfast with Daddy and it means that Jenson isn’t awake when Scott leaves and he is already in bed when Scott gets home. Not ideal.

On our walk to nursery, I had managed to get myself, Jenson and Emeline fed and ready for the school run, I even washed my hair. That started off well. We even had time for a selfie.



We were then crossing the road and we were close to the path and a man (he certainly wasn’t a gentleman), reversed and quite a speed and almost hit me with the pram. Jenson then ran back to me, to protect us or panic about not being with me, I am not sure but he was then the side of the car. The pram wheels jammed and the man was turning. He clearly hadn’t looked or seen us, as a driver, I know it is an easy mistake. The driver then started shouting at me, the wheels had unjammed and we were at the pavement, he wasn’t polite and swore at me. Thankfully, my Dad who doubles up as a police dog handler was walking the police dog so came over to check on me and the kids. More obscenities shouted by the driver. Not necessary. Dad used his warrant card to calm the driver down who then sped off shouting, Dad took the details of the car. I was so shook up: a car almost hit me and the children but then he became abusive and swore at and infront of my children. Not having that. Jenson was as good as gold and went off to nursery happily, ironically, he was wearing his police uniform.

I walked to town after drop off for a coffee and to buy the 75,000 Father’s Day cards. Specsavers have 25% off glasses, I went last week and my prescription has changed a lot so I need new glasses, yay, more expense! I went in there and found my glasses from a few pairs, a consultant spent 45 minutes with me fitting them and measuring and then we sorted the bill. 45 minutes. I was then checked again and the new optician lady said the glasses didn’t fit on my face. Fuming. I had now wasted 45 minutes of a child free morning ordering and finding glasses to then be told no. Why not do that first?!


It then preceeded to piss it down in true English school run style on our walk home from nursery.

I have decided to spend the afternoon inside with Jenson, in the safe warmth of our home. Hopefully I will perk up along with our afternoon! Tomorrow is a new day!


Belly button

This is a peculiar post, it isn’t a weird fetish though!

I love Jenson and Emeline’s belly button. When I was younger, my Mum told me I use to play with mine to get myself to sleep which is random! My love for the children’s belly button and me rubbing mine as a child are not connected!

The belly button, to me, symbolises so much and it means so much too. It connected me to them. It was my way of giving them, my baby’s, everything they needed. It fed them and kept them healthy and warm whilst they were in my tummy. Placenta freaks me out but the importance of the cord symbolises so much. I am not the person to create a cord heart ornament but I look at their belly button and it makes me feel all warm.


Scott has cut both Jenson and Emeline’s umbilical cord. Jenson’s was cut immediately as he needed some oxygen but we left Emeline’s until it has finished pulsating. This pregnancy, I decided I wanted a cord tie for when it came to clamping the cord. I was recommended Heartstrings by a midwife from One to One midwifes and I was in love. The designs and art were beautiful but more importantly, the cord ties looked gentle and safe. I settled for a grey elephant with a yellow bow, I later asked the lady to make Emeline a grey hat with a white star for when she was born. The lady is so talented and makes so many different items that can be bought singularly or to match the cord tie of your choice.


Everytime I see Jenson or Emeline’s belly button, I feel all funny and think “that joined you to me”. I love that Emeline had such a special cord and will definitely make sure any future children have the same, it was so much nicer and softer than the clips. My midwife was happy to use the tie even though she hadn’t before, amazingly they come with the cutest package which includes some clear instructions. This meant my midwife was confident in using the tie, it worked well and looked amazing.


Heartstrings order book is always full to the brim. Make sure you order well in advance, although she is so accommodating and lovely and will rush orders through if you’re close to due date. I would definitely recommend her for your crochet needs but also to consider a cord tie.


Nothing stronger than a sibling bond!

I have adored watching Jenson and Emeline’s relationship develop over the last year, although she is 5 months, the moment he had his own scan picture next to his bed was when he fell in love with her.


He wished and wanted for a little sister and he was convinved the baby was a girl, we began to question if we should find out incase he had a brother but we decided to keep it a surprise as he would be smitten regardless! Isn’t that the truth!

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We have started weaning…

Scott and I have been so looking forward to starting to wean Emeline, she follows food, shouts and is generally obsessed with whatever we are eating. We presume she will follow the family in being a real foodie.

We had a really successful weaning journey with Jenson too, he is such a good eater and will eat almost everything and I want the same for Emeline. It has always been, within reason, that he eats what we eat, from spaghetti bolognase to Indian take away – he is extremely well cultured food wise. We have also taken him out to lunch a lot, he chooses his dinner and loves this responsibility. 

So far, so good with Emeline. I’ve been using the Ella’s kitchen app and recipe book, although it’s just purées so far so it’s really straight forward. My weaning plan with Jenson worked well and I am trying to remember how we did it, so we are going for this: 

  1. Breakfast – porridge or cereal with baby led fruit.
  2. Lunch – baby led
  3. Dinner – purée for a taste of different foods with some baby led vegetables on the tray. 

We are only doing two meals a day as she is 5 1/2 months. We started with dinner and gradually introduced breakfast and finally we will add lunch. She isn’t overly keen on porridge or breakfast as a whole but loves the baby led part, I wonder if she will opt for that over being fed by us. Around 7 months, we moved totally to baby led and I’ll do the same if Emeline has chosen to do that first. 

It’s been so lovely seeing her try different foods, her favourites are carrots and peas. She definitely doesn’t like broccoli or cauliflower! Everything else she would happily eat but wasn’t over fussed on, butternut squash, parsnip, potatoes, sweet potatoes, and blueberries. Emeline has also been unwell this week so it has been tricky to work out if she was off her food or just didn’t like what we tried, apparently it takes the babies 10 attempts to try something to decide if they like it. 

We are going to start combining vegetables together for different tastes so tonight’s dinner is carrots and parsnip. I make sure I mix all her food with my milk for dose consistency too. I hope it continues to go this well! 


Cosatto 3Sixti

It was about a month or so ago that we took the highchair plunge and I spent most of my time searching, researching and reading reviews on the perfect chair for us. 

We sold Jenson’s Mothercare highchair once we had finished using it as it didn’t fit in with out wants and expectations – dramatic highchair feelings! It wasn’t easy to put up or down, especially if you were holding a child! Nor did it pack away easily. It did have a snack tray but this also meant we couldn’t have the highchair at the table for dinner times without the tray, we always had to have the tray. This highchair just didn’t work for us. 

I spent one evening finding a selection from Stokke, Mamas and Papas, Chicco and Cosatto. Scott wittled them down, mostly based on design I think, the practicalities didn’t shout out for him! 

I eventually settled on the Cosatto 3Sixi but it was a toss up between that and the Cosatto Noodle. Both have a variety of beautiful designs, this delayed me ordering by about a week as the choice was ridiculous! In the end, I decided to go for the Apple 3Sixti highchair. What a brilliant decisions that was. At a very expensive £170, I was certain that if there was anything I was slightly unhappy with then we wouldn’t keep it. 

Needless to say, I love this high chair. Although a little heavy, which works in our favour when you have a ‘Jenson’.

  • I love the gas lift that I can do with my feet. It allows Emeline to sit both inside and outside with us at the table, which she can reach as the tray removes. My husband purpose built our gorgeous garden table but it doesn’t fit in with standard ‘chair height’. The gas lift means the baby can be any height, whilst I sit in the sofa and feed her, at the table or outside. 
  • The 360 feature also means she can be turned and twisted safely. This is good when feeding between myself and Scott at dinner time, it also means that sometimes Jenson tries to swing her round like a carousel. This is a handy feature that makes easier at times but it isn’t the best in my opinion. 
  • I like the recline for Emie once she has finished to sit back a little bit, it was also handy in the lead up to weaning. It meant I could sit her in their safely without her toppling over to join us at dinner time. 
  • I love the tray. It is easy to move, brightly coloured and easy to clean. Specifically, the fact there are two trays, the top level makes it so much easier to wipe clean for a small snack rather than removing the whole tray. My mum was super impressed by this!
  • Now the best bit is the straps, once you put baby in you build the straps around them, it’s a 5 point harness which is essential but rather than battling to squeeze arms backwards and sideways through places, you sit the baby in and place the over the arm and slide the side bit in (see photo). You can also do one side at a time. It’s a nice easy clip and no fingers or body parts get trapped or pinched either.
  • The tray is also at a good level so that smaller babies can still sit comfortably in it.
  • The designs of this and other Cosatto products are beautiful. I hope you’re more decisive than I am in deciding. 
  • It was easy to put together. I know because I watched my husband! 
  • The chair  comes with a 4 year guarantee! Ideal for first use and further uses afterwards. 

So yes, I would definitely recommend this high chair and make sure before really research about what you want before you purchase one in haste. The cheap and cheerful IKEA one is also really good!