Cosatto 3Sixti

It was about a month or so ago that we took the highchair plunge and I spent most of my time searching, researching and reading reviews on the perfect chair for us. 

We sold Jenson’s Mothercare highchair once we had finished using it as it didn’t fit in with out wants and expectations – dramatic highchair feelings! It wasn’t easy to put up or down, especially if you were holding a child! Nor did it pack away easily. It did have a snack tray but this also meant we couldn’t have the highchair at the table for dinner times without the tray, we always had to have the tray. This highchair just didn’t work for us. 

I spent one evening finding a selection from Stokke, Mamas and Papas, Chicco and Cosatto. Scott wittled them down, mostly based on design I think, the practicalities didn’t shout out for him! 

I eventually settled on the Cosatto 3Sixi but it was a toss up between that and the Cosatto Noodle. Both have a variety of beautiful designs, this delayed me ordering by about a week as the choice was ridiculous! In the end, I decided to go for the Apple 3Sixti highchair. What a brilliant decisions that was. At a very expensive £170, I was certain that if there was anything I was slightly unhappy with then we wouldn’t keep it. 

Needless to say, I love this high chair. Although a little heavy, which works in our favour when you have a ‘Jenson’.

  • I love the gas lift that I can do with my feet. It allows Emeline to sit both inside and outside with us at the table, which she can reach as the tray removes. My husband purpose built our gorgeous garden table but it doesn’t fit in with standard ‘chair height’. The gas lift means the baby can be any height, whilst I sit in the sofa and feed her, at the table or outside. 
  • The 360 feature also means she can be turned and twisted safely. This is good when feeding between myself and Scott at dinner time, it also means that sometimes Jenson tries to swing her round like a carousel. This is a handy feature that makes easier at times but it isn’t the best in my opinion. 
  • I like the recline for Emie once she has finished to sit back a little bit, it was also handy in the lead up to weaning. It meant I could sit her in their safely without her toppling over to join us at dinner time. 
  • I love the tray. It is easy to move, brightly coloured and easy to clean. Specifically, the fact there are two trays, the top level makes it so much easier to wipe clean for a small snack rather than removing the whole tray. My mum was super impressed by this!
  • Now the best bit is the straps, once you put baby in you build the straps around them, it’s a 5 point harness which is essential but rather than battling to squeeze arms backwards and sideways through places, you sit the baby in and place the over the arm and slide the side bit in (see photo). You can also do one side at a time. It’s a nice easy clip and no fingers or body parts get trapped or pinched either.
  • The tray is also at a good level so that smaller babies can still sit comfortably in it.
  • The designs of this and other Cosatto products are beautiful. I hope you’re more decisive than I am in deciding. 
  • It was easy to put together. I know because I watched my husband! 
  • The chair  comes with a 4 year guarantee! Ideal for first use and further uses afterwards. 

So yes, I would definitely recommend this high chair and make sure before really research about what you want before you purchase one in haste. The cheap and cheerful IKEA one is also really good! 


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